You Are The Love You Seek – Spiritual Short

You Are The Love You Seek – Spiritual Short

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You Are The Love You Seek – Spiritual Short



Beyond the veil, beyond the illusion of separateness, there is a light that shines within us all.

Connected with all that is, the spark of Creation, the Signature of God, resides within us all, untouched by division and separation.

We live in a period of confusion, lack of belief and detachment from our true essential nature.

Our path, the truth, has become distorted by the illusions of the mind.

Beyond the mind, deep within, the Self will…

Seek unity with all.

Seek Love in the moment.

Seek Love in the Self and another.

Seek to give and receive Love freely with an open heart.

Seek to create and Love all as One.

This is the great challenge of humanity, to look deeper inside, and understand within us, we hold dearly the consciousness of the Universe.

See yourself as the Self, and see the Self in others.

See past the distorted illusions of separateness, and feel deeply into unity and the oneness of all things.

The way to unity is through Love.

Turn inward, square and centre and ask yourself…


What is Love?

What is free giving Love?

What does it mean to give Love without conditions?

Is Love contained in this viewpoint I hold?

Is Love contained in the relationships I have?

Is Love involved in my conversations?

Are you viewing the other Self with compassion?

Are you viewing the pain and joy in the other Self with Love?

When we turn our attention to Love in all circumstances, the Universe will provide us with Love and inspiration in return.

We are a manifestation of the One Infinite Creator, expressing itself.

Do not manufacture Love, seek Love within.

It’s there, it’s always been there – untouched, eternal and free flowing.

We ARE Love, connected by One Eternal Source, in an ocean of oneness.

Seek the blockages and barriers you have built against it.

Seek, inquiry and focus on the Self within.

Seek unity, Love and compassion, and unity, Love and compassion will seek you.

You ARE the Love you seek.


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