Work from home tips and advice – Ultimate Guide!

Work from home tips and advice – Ultimate Guide!

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Are you looking for simple work from home tips and advice? Do you need to get more done, but most of the time you struggle to get through the day?

We all know working from home can be both a blessing and a curse. Gone are the days of commuting to the office, and in are the days where you roll out of bed and hop onto the computer, right?!

For the majority of us, working from home requires a lot of willpower and developing loads of healthy habits to stay on top of work and home life together.

When you’re working from home, it’s easy to get distracted by household chores, friends and family and find the motivation to get on with the hard work tasks that simply need to get done.

So, to help, I’ve put together 12 work from home tips and healthy habits that you can start implementing in your working life.



Work from home tips and advice – Ultimate Guide!


Have a to-do list for the day and keep it realistic

Your list may be long but if you want to rock the work from home life, you need to balance it all out.

So, try doing this:

  • Prioritise to have maximum two big goals that can be accomplished in one day on the top of your list
  • Create a list of three to four easy and quick activities that you can do in an hour. Get them completed first thing in the morning.
  • If something isn’t done by the end of your business day, leave it to tomorrow. Remember work-life balance means you stop, unless something is on deadline.

You can work from home effectively if you’re organised and on top of your to-do lists.



Develop a morning routine

I’ve heard it a million times, to get the most of your work from home life, a little discipline goes a long way.

However, where I differ is, I’m not encouraging you to get up at 4 am, do some yoga, make a smoothie, journal and meditate. Instead, I believe in a simple and tailored approach that’s tailored to you.


morning routine is simply something you do over and over again to flip the switch in your brain to tell you it’s time to get into work mode.

For you that might mean waking at 7am, making a cup of coffee and reading. For someone else, it might mean waking at 5am, getting your kids ready for school, dropping them off and then unwinding before work with a hot drink and a book.

Experiment and find a routine that works for your unique situation, is easy and enjoyable and the rest will fall into place.



Set a real work schedule and stick to it

If you have ever worked from home, you know saying, “I need to work on this project for 3 hours at some point today,” either leaves you up working at 10pm or pushing your project off until tomorrow.

Whether your kids and spouse are home or you are on your own, there are just too many demands on our time. We need to put the washing away, call our brother, take our child to the library and so much more. So, all too quickly, it is dinner time and we’ve only worked for 30 minutes.

Set a real time when you are, at the office. Fit everything else around that schedule the same way you would if you went to a physical office.

Personally, when I have the whole day, I like to get my work done first. That way if one of my other demands take more time than I thought or I get distracted, my work still gets done.

Plus, it means I can concentrate on and value the other tasks and responsibilities in my life without worrying about work tasks.



Make time for some physical activity

Move your body!

Sitting on your ass for 8 to 10 hours each day is unhealthy. You will end up with a sore neck, achy back, headaches and in worst cases something serious as a carpal tunnel syndrome or a heart condition.


Besides this, Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is real, people. Working from home during winter can be very hard on remote workers. Long periods of no sunshine, non-stop rain and short days can dampen spirits of even the most positive optimistic person. It eventually leads to productivity issues and a lack of motivation.

Regular exercise also helps. There’s no need to get an expensive gym membership. A simple home workout session is also a great pick me up. You will need a yoga mat and some sports attire at most. I make it a point to workout 6-times a week from home.

Top tip:

See how how great exercise is for your mental health –  See this article from Mind for more information.



Know Your most productive times

In addition to having a schedule, it’s good to get to know which times during the day are your most productive hours.

When you want to get important tasks done that need your full attention, do it during these hours.

You might want to experiment with this to figure out when the best time period is for you.

For me, the best time is right in the morning after I wake up because I’m more well-rested and there are fewer distractions around the house.  For you, it could mean late at night when your kids are asleep.



Create a workspace

A workspace goes hand in hand with creating good working habits.

This is a space that stimulates your workflow and is clear from distractions that may hinder you.


Depending on your work, this could be an organised desk in a quiet room with a comfortable chair. Or a backpack filled with hiking and camera gear. Or even your very own video set where all you need to do is hit the record button to get started.

An ideal workspace is one that doesn’t require any assembly or extra work to get started. Once you introduce additional obstacles to get started, the higher the likelihood is that procrastination will sneak its way into your workday.


Take breaks throughout the day

The work from home life means you can easily take breaks throughout the day without your boss looking over your shoulder.

Morning coffee or tea break, lunch and an afternoon break are a must for a few reasons:

  • You keep yourself hydrated and powered up with food throughout the day to stay on top of your productivity levels
  • They force you to get up and move around
  • You get away from the work and take a little work-life balance mental break

Leave your phone at home so that nobody can reach you with work-related stuff. It can wait for 15 to 30 minutes.

When you slow down and live in the present moment, life becomes so much more enjoyable.

Top tip:

If you can go out for a brief walk in your neighbourhood or area, do so. Even a quick 15-minute walk around the block will do wonders for you. If you can’t, do a short workout video to get yourself moving. It really helps to get some fresh air and sunshine if you have been indoors for too long.



Eat & drink lots of water to avoid energy crashes

Keeping healthy snacks on hand to stay fuelled for a more productive day is one of the best ways to stay more motivated and productive throughout the day.

The food we eat is highly essential to not only boost our brainpower but to influence how productive we are with any task at hand, so make sure that you’re eating healthy foods throughout the day to avoid energy crashes.

For some healthy snacks that are easy to make so you can spend less time cooking, try these:

    • Bananas
    • Eggs
    • Apple & Peanut Butter
    • Yogurt & Granola
    • Nuts and fruit

Of course, staying hydrated is essential, so always make sure you have fresh water by your side throughout your workday and take note of how much coffee you are drinking!

Coffee will give you that crash and burn feeling much faster than tea and water won’t cause you any fatigue at all!


Plan your day the night before

I find this tip really useful as it totally refocuses my mind and allows me to turn off for sleep. Most people finish a working day with lots still going on in their heads, and often is remains running around our minds well into the evening and sometimes at night.

Plan your schedule for the day the night before and write it down, so you stay accountable. It gets everything out of your head and on to paper, so you can rest better.


Know your weaknesses

There are going to be struggles when you first start out. The distractions are REAL. I keep a personal notebook next to me at all times. If I spot a chore that needs doing, or suddenly remember a personal task I haven’t done, I resist the urge to do it now and instead jot it in my note book for later.

Think about what might prevent you from concentrating on your work, and alter your daily routine to overcome those hurdles.

As mentioned earlier, maybe go for a lunchtime walk to help your concentration, have a supply of snacks within easy reach to avoid regular kitchen visits and prepare a good background playlist to stop you from watching TV. Whatever works for you!



Set realistic expectations

Consider whether your usual workload will be achievable from your new working environment. If you have children at home, your attention is going to be divided.

Discuss this with your boss or team if you have any concerns, and set realistic goals and expectations for the level of work which you will be able to complete from home.


Avoid social media

Social media can be such a time sucker. We scroll through our Instagram, Facebook and Twitter feed mindlessly throughout the day.

Often, we intend to watch one short video but end up watching an hour’s worth of related videos that the algorithm so cleverly delivers to us.

We read a friend’s controversial post on their news feed and get sucked into the 100-comment debate that it triggered, reaching for the popcorn rather than our computer mouse.

Social media is the ultimate distraction.

When you’re locked in to your work, stay locked in. Don’t open any apps, don’t keep your Facebook open in a new tab. It will all still be there when the job is done.

If you can’t fully remove yourself from 9 to 5, gift yourself a block of social media time, and once you get your fix, shut that thing down and get back to business.


Work from home tips and advice – Final thought

These are 12 simple work from home tips that can help you effectively work and get results without feeling overwhelmed.

It took me a bit of time to adjust to working from home long-term, but once I did, I actually have grown to prefer it.

Beyond 2021, I suspect we’ll see fewer people working within office spaces. Instead, employers will want you to work from your home office, for not only your safety but their own as well.

I think this will extend much longer.

So, invest in your office space at home. Organise it to make work from home effective and fruitful!

I would love to hear your thoughts on what you are doing to change your life in the coming days and years!

If you have any questions please reach out to me via I would love to hear from you!

I really hope you found inspiration in this article.









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