The Magic of Gratitude – Spiritual Short

The Magic of Gratitude – Spiritual Short

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The Magic of Gratitude – Spiritual Short


Within everyday there is something to grateful for.

By cultivating gratitude, we have the power to make every moment beautiful, as it is.

Even those days when things go horribly wrong.

Even when things take an unexpected turn, and your dreams fall apart at the seams.

Even when a loved one leaves, and things you never thought you’d lose are lost.

You can always contact a place of humility, surrender, even admiration.

Yes, it’s not always easy, and no, this perspective doesn’t always come quickly.

But, when you walk the path of forgiveness, and your awakened soul is shining, and you carry love within your heart, then gratitude is never far away.

Gratitude is available without limit, within the present moment, by observing deeply.

Look to every day experiences for inspiration.

There are miracles with step we wander.

There are miracles with every breath we take.

Take it all in, and descend into the imperishable depths of gratitude…

For the air that you breathe, sense each precious breath.

For your heart, feel it beating, in connection with the universe.

For the presence of a loved one, listening empathetically.

For your eyes, they enable you to witness the wonders of the life.

For your ears, they enable you to listen to a young child laugh and the birds sing.

For your voice, that enables you to communicate with friends and family.

For your touch, when you stroke your dog first thing in the morning.

For the beautiful sunset and sunrise which are available to us every single day.


For the kindness of a stranger, and the brutal honesty of a friend.

For the lessons that bad experiences have taught us, enabling us to develop and grow.

For those who have been unkind to us, enabling us to learn and find strength in unpleasant experiences.

For true self-love, when we look into the eyes of another, and the Self is in recognition of itself as the One.

If you are fired from a job, you are now available to live the dream life you always wanted to pursue.

There is always something to be grateful for, if you observe from the heart.

Fall in love with not having a destination, fall in love with the ground upon which you take every step.

Fall in love with the unknown steps, fall in love with not knowing and letting go.

Fall in love with surrendering to the moment, allowing life to guide you.

Fall in love with saying yes to all experience, even those that are uncomfortable.

Fall in love with trusting the perfection that you are.

Fall in love with knowing you are exactly where you’re meant to be right now.

There is always a lesson, there is always guidance, there is always gratitude to be discovered.

The list is endless, gratitude is always available within the present moment.

Be present, witness life through the eyes of awareness, and observe the beauty within you, around you.

Today, appreciate something for no reason, however small, however silly it may seem.

When you are magical, everything is magical.

A grateful heart is magnet for miracles.






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