Resting in the Source of God – A Guide to Abide in Consciousness

Resting in the Source of God – A Guide to Abide in Consciousness

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For many years I didn’t believe in God, I was ignorant and arrogant about my views on life. I was the product of many years of mental conditioning. I had a good childhood, but God was never the topic of conversation within my family.

Because of my mental conditioning, it has taken me three years to become comfortable with using the word “God”. Although, the God that I speak of, is not the God in the sky, the man with beard on his throne, it is Consciousness. It is our awareness of Being; it is the One Reality which all life is created from.

Adam: This is purely my perception of life, from my own experience. I am not preaching, and if you resonate with what’s in the following post, then that’s wonderful. If you don’t, then I wish you an amazing day.



Resting in the Source of God – A Guide to Abide in Consciousness


First experience with God

It wasn’t until at the age of 39, following a near death experience due to liver failure, that I had my first encounter with God. For me, this is where life truly began. The journey of self-discovery had begun and I viewed life through different eyes.

After being discharged from hospital, I was sitting at home feeling sorry for myself, when I had a spiritual awakening. The following two months I lived in complete bliss. To this day, it’s still hard to put into words the feeling of unconditional Love and Gratitude I felt during this period of my life.

At the time, I was none the wiser, but looking back now, I lived those few months from my true essential nature of Consciousness/Awareness. Also, during those two months, I completely healed myself.

It was a wild few months for sure, I was resting in Heaven on earth. You can read more about my healing and spiritual awakening below.


Consciousness is God

As I mentioned briefly earlier, Consciousness is our awareness of Being; it is the One Reality which all life is created. Within all life, there is a soul, within all life there is Consciousness.

I want you to imagine when the big bang occurred, and Creation and Consciousness began. Now imagine throwing a pot of ink up against a wall. The dense part of the ink in the middle is the beginning of Creation/Consciousness, and as it spreads out further, is when life evolved to Universes, Solar Systems, Planets, Plants, Animals, Beings, ALL LIFE.

This is an example of Oneness of all life. This is why when we are out in nature, we have a deep sense of Oneness. A good example of this, is in the woods. Notice how present you become when in the woods, pay attention to how the birds and other noises pop out, notice how calm you feel.


When we observe deeply all life as Consciousness/God, Love will emerge and consume our Being. Beyond the limitations of the mind, never forget what you truly are. In the silent depths of our Being, untouched by all of life’s circumstances – we are: Eternal, unconditional Love, bliss, happiness.

Hold onto your true nature dearly, but don’t just think it, feel it from within. When we live life through the eyes of Love rather than fear, the whole cosmos will shift to mirror our state of Being.

Books on Consciousness:

Below are a few books that have helped me immensely when understanding the nature of Consciousness.


Consciousness is Unconditional Love

When we practice Meditation and being present in the Now on a regular basis, our Consciousness will begin to elevate to our knowing. A sense or peace and tranquillity will emerge beyond the mind, and we will begin to view life through the eyes of compassion and love. This is because, Consciousness’s nature is unconditional Love.

Consciousness is formless, it is limitless, it is Eternal, it is Unconditional Love, it is peace, and it is happiness. Consciousness, which rests beyond the mind as our awareness of all experience, is our true essential nature.

Many live their life completely unaware of this fact, and I am only aware because of a near death experience. The majority of people will live their lives lost in the illusion of the mind. There is nothing wrong with this, everyone is where they’re meant to be in life.


As Eternal Beings, we would have lived many lifetimes before, and we will continue to live many lives after this one. This may be hard for some the grasp, especially those in a deep ego state of mind. But, once you’ve felt the unconditional Love of Consciousness and the deep sensation of One with all life, you will never doubt it again.

Our Consciousness has evolved from minerals and plants to human form. We are here to learn, evolve, Love and discover our true essential nature. We are One with all of Creation, we are One with all life. Within us all, abides the signature of God as Consciousness.


As mentioned earlier, God abides within us as our awareness of Being (Consciousness). The awareness of our Being is not a practice to achieve as an end goal, it is simply a recognition of our true essential nature. It is the most natural state possible to us, it is who we are.

One of the best ways to do this is through self-enquiry, also known as the direct path. The reason self-enquiry is called the direct path, is because we turn the attention away from objective experience external to us and sink inwards, beyond the mind. This is the direct path to the source of the mind – which is our awareness of Being/Consciousness.


How to practice self-enquiry?

We practice self-enquiry by asking ourselves questions which will take us directly to the source of the mind – our awareness of Being/Consciousness.

Below are a few questions I use on a regular basis. Use these questions during any daily experience or in meditation.

  • Who am I?
  • Am I aware?
  • Who or what am I?
  • What is it that knows or is aware of my experience?
  • From where do my thoughts, feelings, sensations and perceptions arise?
  • What element of my experience never disappears?
  • What is the nature of the knowing with which experience is known?
  • From what does the mind arise?
  • How do I know that I am aware?

Such questions will direct you beyond the mind into the awareness of Being. Don’t repeat these questions like a mantra or affirmation, just ask one question at a time, then give it time to sink in. When we ask the mind questions like the above, it will trace backwards into our awareness of Being/Consciousness. When asking the question(s), be still and obverse deeply any feelings or visions that may arise within.


The benefits of self-enquiry

You may not notice much different when you first begin self-enquiry, but when practiced consistently and persistently, your awareness of Being/Consciousness will begin to shine through the murky clouds of the mind. And in doing so, seeds of Love, peace and happiness will begin to bloom in your everyday life.

The nature of our awareness of Being/consciousness is unconditional Love, peace and happiness. Our true nature is unity, One with all life. Suffering occurs because we have constructed layers upon layers against what we truly are. We are lost in an illusion of ego, and therefore we believe we are separate from our Source.

Self-enquiry will spark the recognition of creation within and elevate our Consciousness. When this occurs, we submit a higher frequency to the Universe, and in return, we receive experiences to match our new vibration of Being.

There are other ways to acknowledge God’s Beingness within, and I will create a new post on this very soon. It’s definitely a topic which deserves its own post.

What to avoid

During 2022 I made the mistake of searching for my state of Being through the intention of the ego. I was chasing the bliss like it was a possession to be gained. On many occasions in the past, I had felt the Unconditional Love from the Unity of all life, and wanted to feel it again, so I was trying to force the feeling.

By trying to force the recognition of God, I sent myself into a deep depression. I stumbled from the ego, straight into the spiritual ego. It was a difficult few months, where I couldn’t seem to escape the darkness.


As I’ve found out on many occasions during the spiritual journey, my suffering was a blessing in disguise. Because of my pain, I began shadow work, which unearthed many new lessons from life that I had overlooked.

There is nothing more natural than resting in the Source of God. It is not a state to be achieved, we are simply just Being in our true essential nature of Consciousness.

 Resting in the Source of God – Final thoughts

The Source of God abides within us as Consciousness/Awareness of Being. Practice self-enquiry whenever possible. Set alarms on your phone to remind you, place post-it notes in your home. The more you turn the mind inwards towards it Source, the deeper the feeling of Unity with God will overflow into your everyday life.

I hope you enjoyed the above post. If you have any questions please reach out to me via I would love to hear from you!

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