Remember ‘I AM’ – Spiritual Shorts

Remember ‘I AM’ – Spiritual Shorts

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Remember I AM – Spiritual Shorts


Relax, take a deep breath, slow down and focus on one day at a time.

Let go of the past, don’t anticipate the future.

All that exists is the present moment, all that exists is now.

As humans, we rush around, trying to achieve things beyond our means.

We chase happiness in external objects, experiences and desires – feeding the never ending appetite of the ego.

Unhappiness manifests because we do not understand our true nature, our connection to the universe/source.

We live in an illusion of separateness.

We are the universe, just as much as the earth, sun and the stars.

We are the universe in human form.

What we truly are, which is beyond flesh and bones, wasn’t born and it cannot die – it transforms.

This is our only purpose, our only true desire, to understand our true nature.

The further detached we become, the less at peace we are.

Remember I AM

Our essential nature, the Self within, has always been there, completely untouched by our life experiences.

Internal happiness, peace and bliss has always been our true nature – it has never left us, it is so close, that we overlook it.

It is clouded by the ego, covered up by years of mental barriers which we have constructed against it.

Close your eyes, and ask yourself…

“Who am I?”

“Who/what is aware of my experiences?”

“Who/what is aware of me being aware?”

“Who/what is aware of my feelings, sensations and perceptions?”

There is something beyond the mind and body that will answer.

There is an eternal perfection within all of us, which is untouched by the mind, untouched by our experience of life – this is the I AM.

Quiet the mind, observe the mind, and the I AM will illuminate through.

Let go of the past, let go of the future, let go of thoughts and “just be” in the moment – complete in stillness.

Here is your true nature, here is the I AM, here is where the illusions and barriers of the mind will crumble.

Practice making the I AM your primary focus and you will discover the fountain of bliss which flows within.

Remember I AM.







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