List of Daily Positive Affirmations – 115 Amazing Ideas!

List of Daily Positive Affirmations – 115 Amazing Ideas!

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Today I will be sharing with you a list of 115 daily positive affirmations.

Ok, so first off, what are affirmations? Affirmations are short, quick phrases that have a positive impact on your mind and body. They are statements that you repeat to yourself. They are usually meant to target a specific aspect of your life that may need some lifting up.

Affirmations are part and parcel of positive thinking and empowerment and will enable you to think more positively. If done right, self-affirmation can be an effective tool for quickly becoming the person you need to be in order to achieve everything you want in your life.

Depression and anxiety alter how we view ourselves and the world. You’ve heard of the phrase rose-tinted glasses, right? Well, depression causes the opposite and encourages a negative mindset. For example, if you’re watching the news, your mind will focus on the negative media and completely overlook any positive news. Negativity becomes your comfort blanket, your reassurance however, it’s not healthy.

Overtime, affirmations will help you change the negative thought patterns that your mind naturally turns to. This will build a positive mindset and change your outlook on the world and ultimately, yourself.



More info on affirmations

An affirmation is a statement used to challenge a negative and unhelpful thought. By repeating an affirmation, you begin to challenge your unhelpful subconscious thinking patterns and replace them with more realistic and helpful ones.

They can be used to help you positive thinking, boost your self-esteem, help you achieve your goals, or help you push through fear. Affirmations have been incredibly useful to me. They’ve helped me, time and time again, to break out of negative thinking patterns and to build healthier ones.

In the past, I’ve used them to boost my confidence, push through fear, build boundaries in life, and to find greater joy in life. Today though, I’m hope these affirmations will help you be more positive.

If you’ve been going through something similar, I hope these affirmations will remind and empower you to be your authentically incredible selves. So, let’s help you achieve a positive mindset.


How to use affirmations?

These are lots of ways to use affirmations and people use them differently. Some people speak them into a mirror on a morning, others run them through their minds when negative thoughts begin to plague them. I have a method of using my daily affirmations, where every day, you would choose one affirmation that speaks most to you (or write your own version!) and repeat it to yourself each morning or during the day when you need a pick me up mentally.

You could write it in a journal or just on piece of paper, it’s up to you. I find that repeating the affirmation throughout the day to myself gradually helps change my thought process over time.


Affirmations are not a quick fix for mental health problems. Like any thought changing behaviour, they take time, patience and a lot of practice. Our negative self-talk builds up over time and it can take some time to alter these thought patterns. I promise that you are more special than you believe.

You can get started with this list of 115 affirmations below. I hope they help to inspire and motivate you towards a positive mindset.



List of daily positive affirmations – 115 Amazing Ideas!


  1. I love being me
  2. I get better every day
  3. I am unique
  4. I am special
  5. I am whole
  6. I am awesome
  7. I make a positive difference in the world
  8. I believe in myself
  9. I do my best every day
  10. I am smart
  11. I am always willing to learn
  12. I am fun
  13. I trust myself
  14. I can do it
  15. I can do anything I put my mind to
  16. I can be anything I want to be
  17. I am loved
  18. I am worthy of love
  19. I am blessed
  20. I am limitless
  21. I focus on positivity
  22. I am thankful
  23. I am safe
  24. I am helpful
  25. I am truthful
  26. I am forgiving
  27. I am kind
  28. I am peaceful
  29. I am thankful
  30. I am talented
  31. I am confident
  32. I am strong
  33. I get stronger everyday
  34. I am brave
  35. I am disciplined
  36. I am respectful
  37. I am responsible
  38. I am polite
  39. I am beautiful
  40. I will face my fears
  41. I will overcome my fears
  42. I am persistent
  43. I am determined
  44. I am patient
  45. I am enough
  46. I am capable
  47. I am a leader
  48. I am a good influence on others
  49. I spread joy
  50. I am generous
  51. I am optimistic
  52. I am supportive
  53. I am compassionate
  54. I am a good listener
  55. I am a good sport
  56. I am happy for other’s success
  57. I love to share with others
  58. I give freely
  59. I am proud of myself
  60. I am capable of great things
  61. I am important
  62. I trust my intuition
  63. I choose to start today with a smile
  64. I choose to have a happy day
  65. I reach for the stars
  66. I can do hard things
  67. I am going to train my brain to do it
  68. I am open to new experiences and new things
  69. I love to learn new things
  70. I embrace and accept change. Change is good and helps me to grow
  71. I like to challenge myself
  72. I find ways and love to overcome challenges
  73. I like to work hard
  74. I don’t give up
  75. I can get through anything
  76. I am creative
  77. I have great ideas
  78. I reach for the stars
  79. I deserve to be happy
  80. I have happy thoughts
  81. It’s okay to make mistakes.
  82. I learn from my mistakes. Mistakes are a chance to grow
  83. I forgive myself for my mistakes
  84. I stand for my beliefs
  85. My opinion is important
  86. I have the power to make my dreams come true
  87. I believe in my dreams
  88. I choose my attitude
  89. I choose my reaction
  90. I am in charge of my emotions
  91. I am in charge of my decisions
  92. I am responsible for my decisions
  93. I am responsible for my actions
  94. I can handle any obstacle
  95. I am a problem solver
  96. Problems help me learn and grow
  97. When I need help, I will ask for it
  98. Having quiet, alone time is good for me
  99. I am gentle with myself
  100. I am gentle with others
  101. I can live in the moment
  102. I will make sure it’s my best work
  103. My best is enough
  104. I’ve got this
  105. I get stronger, it doesn’t get easier.
  106. Struggling makes me stronger
  107. When I struggle, I always learn something new
  108. I keep my body healthy
  109. I enjoy healthy food
  110. I love to exercise
  111. I create my own path
  112. I enjoy spending time with myself
  113. I see the beauty in every situation and everything
  114. I will be successful
  115. I can do it and I will do it


List of daily positive affirmations – final thought

You now have an idea of everything about positive affirmations. It’s now your turn to pick the affirmation that are relevant to you and say them to yourself on a daily basis. Positive affirmations are not something that you simply say once off and expect to see massive improvements.

The secret is repetition (do it regularly) and feel each word as you say them, experience what you’re saying. Wait and see how affirmations will change and improve your life for the better.

Be happy and enjoy creating positive affirmations! I would love to hear your thoughts below on what you are doing to change your life in the coming days and years. If you have any questions please reach out to me via I would love to hear from you.





List-of-Daily-Positive Affirmations

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