Honour your Sorrow – Spiritual Shorts

Honour your Sorrow – Spiritual Shorts

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Honour your Sorrow – Spiritual Shorts


When it hurts, observe, life is attempting to guide you towards a lesson.

Your pain, your sorrow, your desperate seeking, it is energy.

Sometimes gentle, sometimes fierce, sometimes even volcanic, but energy nonetheless.

Strip away the labels and concepts, strip away the words – anger, fear, depression, loneliness – and feel what is wordlessly alive with energy in your body, not yesterday, tomorrow, but NOW.

Without that which cuts deep into the soul, there is no growth.

Feel your pain before it is given a label.

Feel the tightness in your chest, observe it deeply.

Feel the tension in your throat, pay attention closely.

Feel anger before it is defined.

Feel the knots in your stomach.

Feel the beating of the fiery heart.

Make space for all bodily sensations, the power, the vibration.

Make way for the pull of life, embrace your pain.

Don’t judge your sorrow too quickly or too harshly, honour the darkness within.

Spare a thought for your imperfections, be kind to yourself.


Embrace the full spectrum of experiences, from the dark to the light, from the sunshine to the storms.

Find a space in your heart for the unwanted feelings.

Perhaps your sorrow is here to remind you of the joy that will burst through.

We have to learn from our experiences in order to develop growth.

Often, I will sit and think to myself, haven’t I been through enough of this bullshit?

One day to the next, I’m up and down, feeling on top of the world, then down again with the blues.

Then the lesson will hit me, as to why I needed to go through what I did.

The universe will guide us to the experiences we need to expand our consciousness to look deeper within ourselves.

Perhaps your suffering is teaching you humility, and gratitude, and compassionate understanding of the pain of others.

Acknowledge your sorrow, feel the energy of your pain, observe it deeply.

Beyond all experiences, there is a fountain of peace, love and happiness in abundance within us all.

Listen to your intuition, trust your inner being, listen to the lesson’s where life is trying to comfort you.

Quiet the mind and live from a place of stillness, and allow your soul to be your guide.

Don’t judge your sadness, love the place where you are, love the ground upon which you stand, for it is the very ground which joy will find you, it is the ground for which your new life will grow.






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