50+ Tips for Self-Improvement – Ultimate Guide!

50+ Tips for Self-Improvement – Ultimate Guide!

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Today we will be talking through tips for self-improvement.

If you want to improve your life, there are two important things you should have in mind first.

Improving your life is:

An ongoing process – meaning it’s not about making one big gesture, and then you say, I’m done. Instead, it’s something you need to work on or review regularly.

It mostly involves four areas in your life – which are:

  • Habits
  • Behaviours
  • Actions
  • Reactions

which typically comes down to the small things you do every day.

So, the easiest way to improve your life is by starting slowly and making an effort to make small changes every day.

These small changes you make are the ones which will allow you to reach those milestones you are aiming for. But the question is, what are examples of small things you can do to improve your life?



What is self-improvement?

Self-improvement is consciously improving your knowledge, status, or character. Self-improvement takes a great deal of self-awareness, which means you must know your strengths, weaknesses, fears, and goals.

Consciously focusing on self-improvement will definitely enhance your skills and knowledge – Personal development is a lifelong journey.

Incorporating just a few of the tips below into your routine can help you enhance many areas of your life massively.

Below are 50+ practical and proven ways to help you improve your life:


50+ Tips for Self-Improvement – Ultimate Guide!


Practice gratitude

Gratitude helps you recognise all the things you have to be thankful for. Whether you’re grateful for a sunny day or thankful you arrived at work safely, think about all the good things you have in life. Gratitude also reminds you of all of the resources you have to cope with stress, which can be quite empowering.


Studies also show grateful people enjoy better mental health, lower stress and anxiety, and a better quality of life.

So whether you decide to make it a habit to identify what you’re grateful for as you sit around the dinner table or you decide to write down three things you’re grateful for in a gratitude journal every day, make gratitude a regular habit.



Wake Up Early

I know it can be hard to wake up early but it is one game-changer. Waking up early helps to diminish that feeling as though everything is rushed. Most successful people will tell you that they wake up at 5 to start the day and it is not because they are morning people. They do it because they know that it helps them to get their days on the right foot. Wake up to get more time in a day.



Morning Routine

Besides waking up early, a morning routine goes a long way. Routines are all about prepping your mind for the day ahead. It programs you to get yourself in the right mindset so that you can tackle whatever life throws at you. Everyone should look into what helps them get themselves prepared for their day.




Staying physically active is so important for our overall well-being. It helps to reduce stress, stimulate happy hormones as well as bring oxygen to the brain which makes us more productive. Even if it is a simple walk around the block, it makes a difference. You only have one body which makes it even more important to take care of it.


Love Yourself

Nobody can truly love you unless you love yourself first. Self-Love is the first thing that should be on your mind. When you love yourself, you put your well-being first. If you can’t love yourself, how can you expect people to treat you with love? As your self-love grows, the love around you tends to grow as well. So how can you should self-love today?



Take Risks

Another one of the self-improvement tips is to take risks on occasion. Life is so short to avoid taking risks for your dreams. Taking risks makes life exciting and thrilling. That is what you should hope for in life. The last thing you would want is to leave this world with regrets because you didn’t go for that job or ask that person out on a date.

If you aren’t sure if you should take a specific risk, ask for a sign. That is something that I always do. I give it up to my spirit guides, God, Universe… whatever. I usually get an answer almost immediately. It is a great way to get confirmation whether or not you are on the right path.


Let Go of Perfection

There is no such thing as perfection. The closest thing to perfection you can achieve is doing the best you can in your given situation. Striving for perfection not only can keep you stuck, slow you down but can also burn you out. It is not worth any of it. It is the hardest thing I had to overcome as I was so used to giving top-quality work but it came with a huge cost. So much stress.

Never let your strife for perfection get in the way of actually doing anything. You will realize that, in the end, you end up not doing as much and missing out on beautiful experiences.


Meditate Daily

There is a lot of talk on exercise but we don’t put an emphasis on exercising our mind. If you aren’t careful, you can easily let it take over which can lead us to thinking so many awful thoughts that can be quite negative and detrimental to our mental health. Mediating daily helps to keep your mind clear so that you can control the thoughts you want. This way you are not spending time having internal conversations with people that will never happen.



Learn Something New Often

The best way to self-improve is to learn something new. Keeping your brain active by learning new skills can help with mental disease. There are so many things you can do in one lifetime, why not take advantage of it. Life becomes easier if you are giving yourself new things to experience.


Set Aside Time To Read

Reading is so great for your brain. Whether it is a self-help book or a novel, it helps with learning new knowledge. This self-improvement tip is not talked about as much. It helps with building vocabulary, knowledge, and aids in reducing stress. People seem to be too busy to read nowadays but it goes a long way.

Top tip:

The following books I cannot recommend enough:




Self-inquiry is number one in self-improvement. It is about bringing back your focus to yourself. Reconnecting with the awareness/consciousness that is you. When you reconnect with who you truly are, that awareness behind all the layers of identification you have created, you start to see the bigger picture and brings you back in control of your life. Your problems don’t seem as big after all.


Give Back/ Help Others

Giving back to others is a self-improvement tip that enriches the soul. It feeds our soul with love and understanding that we are all in this together. Make it a point in your life to include some type of charity every so often. Giving back helps us to come back to Earth and see the bigger picture like our privileges and blessings. It helps to create a better world and offers others what we all deserve.


Value Your Time

Time is the only resource that cannot be taken back. Every second counts in that case. When you value your time, you are making sure that you make the most of your days and that your time has value. Your life has value! So, make sure to consider this the next time you are asked to do something that does not feel right.



Travel is so important for our well-being. Getting out of your regular routine can put your life in perspective. It helps to see different angles of life and where you stand. Travelling allows you to detach from your life and question the important things.

Everyone should travel once a year to re-evaluate their life. It does not mean that you should go far or that it has to be expensive. A simple drive 30 minutes away from your usual environment can be enough to bring a new perspective.


Let Go of The Past

This self-improvement tip is so important. We don’t realize it but the way we live our life is based on our past. We see the world based on the past especially when we have been hurt. The best thing you can do for yourself is let go of something that is gone — the past.


Acknowledge that every present moment is an opportunity to create the life you want. Come into the present moment and focus on what it is that you want to experience this very instant.



Prioritise Me-Time

If you are anything like me, you are struggling with people-pleasing which gets in the way of your me-time. When you prioritize time for yourself, you are making yourself a priority just as much as everyone else. Nobody will do it for you because well they aren’t in your body and will never know for sure what you are going through or what you need. Making me-time important is key to healthy well-being.


Practice Mindfulness

Mindfulness is another one of the self-improvement tips that help to stay in the moment. Being mindful allows you to cultivate a life that is rich in experience. It truly helps you enjoy everything you do similar to when you were a child. Children are the perfect example of what it is to be immersed in life. When you are mindful, you are constantly experiencing something new.



Spend Time with Loved Ones

A big part of life is our relationships. Life is so short and we never know when our loved ones are going to go which is why making our loved ones a priority as before we know it they can be gone.


Work On Your Mindset

Your mindset can literally make or break you. It can help you live an amazing life when everything is turning to s*** or feels like s*** when everything is going really well. Your state of mind dictates how you see the world. So, taking the time to work on it can do wonders.



Accept Criticism with Grace

Accepting criticism does not mean that you agree with it. It simply means that you accept other people’s right to have an opinion of you and that you will consider it and decide whether or not you agree. It’s one of the self-improvement tips that literally changes your life. When you can honestly stay grounded and see criticism as an opportunity to become better then no matter how much they hurt you know that are helpful. Seeing criticism this way puts you back into the driver’s seat and pushes you to remember that you are only human. Humility can go a long way and is one characteristic that is truly humbling and inspiring for others.


Set Goals

If you want a life worth living, then make sure you set goals. Your goals are what create a fulfilling life. They push us to take action and create the life that we want as they are usually based on what has meaning to us. Our goals push us to go after our dreams and live life authentically.




There are many self-improvement tips that can enrich our lives and one of them is to write in a journal. Journaling helps to express yourself in whatever way you want that does not necessarily cause damage. To write in a journal helps to reflect on your life. Journaling can help to bring clarity to your life. By letting go of all judgment and letting your hand take over you could be surprised at what comes out.



Apologise When Needed

Apologising is about taking ownership of your actions which can lead to stronger and deeper bonds with people you love. It is not always easy but can become easier with time. It is so important to put your ego aside and admit that when you have done something wrong.


Laugh A Little

Life is too short to take it seriously. It can be so boring when it is all work and no play. A little laugh can go a long way as it makes life so much more pleasurable.


Stop Comparing Yourself with Others

The only person you should compare yourself to is the person you were yesterday. You can’t compare yourself to a totally different person. It is just insane as it would be comparing apples to pears. Letting go of comparison is key to your happiness.


Fix Your Relationships

This self-improvement tip is one that is not talked about enough. Nowadays people preach about letting people go but not enough on fixing your relationships because they are important. Having healthy relationships is crucial to a fulfilling life. Taking the time to restore your relationships is a great way to build stronger bonds.


Diminish Screen Time

Screen time is so addictive which can lead to overcrowding your mind with information. It can take away from the things you should be focusing on or giving your mind a break so that you can be productive in the long run. Drop those screens and be here in the now. Especially the last hour before bed.


Let Go of Victimisation

Out of all the self-improvement tips listed, this one is crucial to personal development. Victimization keeps you stuck. You literally are giving your power away and preventing yourself from living the life you want and deserve. Let it go now and take your power back.


Admit Your Faults

Everyone loves someone that can own up to their mistakes. Admitting your faults is the first step to making less of them. You take ownership of your actions and are mature enough to honor your actions whether or not they were successful. It is truly inspiring to see someone admit when they have done something that was not beneficial in any way.

When you admit to your faults, you can easily learn from them and move on. It only makes you wiser. Avoiding taking responsibility for your actions only makes you a shitty person and keeps you stuck in the long run.


Create A Vision

Where do you see yourself in 2 years? 5 years? 10 years? When you have a vision of what you would like your life to look like you can take action towards it. A vision keeps you focused and determined to achieve those things. It helps to create direction in your life. Take some time to think about it and figure out how you can achieve it.


Simplify Your Life

We tend to make everything complicated when in reality everything is rather simple. If you really take the time, you start to see that we tend to make things overcomplicated with our emotions. Take the time to see where you feel like your life is all over the place. Is it your finances? Love life? Work? Take action to get your life together.


Eat A Balanced Diet

Another one of the self-improvement tips that is really helpful is to take care of your health with a balanced diet. So much of our well-being starts in the gut and we don’t even know it. In order to live life, it’s important to eat a healthy diet so that you can well… live. It always starts with health.


Forgive Others and Yourself

The past is in the past. Forgiveness is about accepting what happened. It is about letting go and knowing that you and others did the best they could give the situation. Unfortunately, bad things do happen, and holding onto them only keeps stuck. Focus on yourself and move forward so that you can live your life the best way possible.


Find Inner Happiness

What makes you happy? Cultivating inner happiness is so important. Everyone’s happiness is unique and should be questioned. We are constantly programmed that the more material things we have will bring happiness when in reality our happiness is already there, we just have to tap into it.


When we put conditions on our happiness, we are not seeing that we really don’t need anything to be happy. These conditions cloud our judgement from what has been there the whole time.


Do A Mental Check In Often

This is one of the self-improvement tips that everyone should include in their day often. Checking in with your mental health is crucial to staying sane. It helps us to focus on health and taking breaks when needed. When you prioritize your mental health, you take your health into your hands and control. You are constantly coming back to yourself and not letting life take over your well-being.


Surround Yourself with Positive People

Your entourage makes a big impact on your life whether or not you want to believe it. Negative people bring you down and can plant seeds of doubt in your mind. The last thing you want to do is let people get in the way of your life and dreams. People who lift you up are crucial to your development. Hang out with them.


Go To Bed Early

It only makes sense that if you are waking up early that you go to bed earlier. It is so important to get a good night’s sleep especially if you have goals that you wish to achieve. The best way to be productive in your day is to make sure you have the energy to burn.


Let Go of Toxicity

This is a no-brainer but you would be surprised how often people allow toxicity in their life. It could be habits, people, jobs, environment… letting go of all the s*** in your life allows you to put yourself first. It creates an immediate shift of relief that was previously bringing you down. All the toxic things that are in your life should be dropped immediately. You are only hurting yourself if you don’t.


Be Your Own Best Friend

Are you honestly there for yourself no matter what? If you aren’t your own best friend, how can you expect others to be there for you? It is so important to enjoy your own company that whether or not people are in your life you can feel comfortable with being alone.


To be your own best friend is about being the person you wish you had with you at all times. You would be surprised how people are naturally attracted to people who feel good about themselves.


Stay Organised

Staying organised is another one of the self-improvement tips that goes a long way. Life gets so busy and can be hard to stay organized. People who have a system get so much more done and have less stress in their life. There are so many ways to stay organized nowadays.


Break Bad Habits

What habits do you need to let go of? Make a list and work through them one by one. Bad habits are another way to prevent you from accomplishing your goals like staying up late watching Netflix when you could be working on that project you keep talking about. Let them all go and see where your life ends up.


Step Out of Your Comfort Zone

When we get comfortable in life it is usually a bad sign. We miss out on opportunities that could be right there in front of us. This is why practicing non-attachment is a great way to keep yourself open to the new.


Take Care of Your Finances

A person who has their finances together has their s*** together. The best way to improve your life is to improve your finances. When you have your finances in check, you have less stress and flexibility to go after the things that you want to achieve.

This does not mean specifically to get yourself out of debt which is a good idea. This is about having a healthy relationship with money and knowing where it is coming from and where it is going. If you can establish a healthy relationship, you already have much more control over your life.


Built On Your Confidence

Confidence. Confidence. Confidence. A simple word that can do so much for you. Building confidence is great for everyone. How can you build more confidence?



Do Something Just for The Fun

Taking life seriously will just make life boring. We only have one so why not make sure to include some fun. We tend to do things only if they have a specific purpose. People who are happier in life are the ones that make sure to include some fun in their life. Doing something that is fun makes you feel good about your life and brings you back to the moment.


Finish What You Start

Successful people are people that make sure they actually finish whatever it is they undertake. When you finish what you start, you end up with a life filled with accomplishment instead of what-ifs. Only do the things that you truly intend to finish. There is no point in starting something if you are not really into it. It will only be a waste of time and will keep you stressed as it will stay the back of your mind.


Help Someone

Helping people gives you a sense of purpose. It creates a life filled with a sense of worth. Helping someone can do wonders for this world as it creates a sense of community. Not only is it beneficial for others but more so for you. This is one of the self-improvement tips that seem like it is more for others but in reality, it really helps you to see the bigger picture.


Spend Time in Nature

There are numerous studies that have been done that show that spending time in nature reduces stress. A great tip is to make sure that you get enough nature time. It is not always easy when you live in a city but it is so beneficial to your well-being. A little hike here and there can do wonders to your stress so don’t take it for granted.


Create An Evening Routine

One of my favourite self-improvement tips that I strongly recommend to everyone is to create an evening routine. The way you end the day is just as important to the way you start your day. An evening routine helps to wind down and ease into sleep faster. It programs your brain to let go of the day and have a good night’s sleep.



Learn From Your Mistakes

The best thing for personal growth is to use your ‘mistakes’ as learning opportunities. Let’s face it, mistakes are a part of life. As long as you are doing the best you can in any given situation, there is no reason to dwell on your mistakes. If you make a mistake, it is for a reason – so you can become better. Let go of mistakes, learn from them and move on.


Accept Change

Change is inevitable. The sooner you can get over it and accept it, the sooner you can start living your life again. When you accept change, you literally accept life with all of its ups and downs. You stop yourself from being the victim and take it as it is and move forward. People who truly understand what this means are the ones who ar moving forward.


Socialise & Network

Meeting people and being social helps so much with well everything. You never know when you will need someone for a favour or for a service.



Keeping your lifestyle minimal helps to maintain space in your mind as well as your home. Minimalism helps to see things better when you are not cluttered. There are so many decisions that we can make in one day so when you have more options it can make it harder. Free space up so can feel lighter.


50+ Tips for Self-Improvement – Final thought

As we said, personal growth is a never-ending process. We have to keep reviewing and working on bits and pieces.

I hope this post has inspired you with ideas and examples to use if you want to improve your life.

People are different from one another, and what works for one, might not work for another.

This means that it would be a good idea to explore and brainstorm various techniques and ways for personal growth to find what is suitable for you.

I would love to hear your thoughts on what you are doing to change your life in the coming days and years!

If you have any questions please reach out to me via adam@adam-lawrence.org. I would love to hear from you!

I really hope you found inspiration in this article.








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