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Cultivating Gratitude – Ultimate Guide!

Cultivating Gratitude – Ultimate Guide!

Today I will be talking through exercises and habits for cultivating gratitude. The benefits of having a daily gratitude practice are nearly endless. This is a simple practice but the challenge is taking the time to integrate it into your daily life. It can take…

Daily Affirmations for Self-Love – 100 Amazing Ideas!

Daily Affirmations for Self-Love – 100 Amazing Ideas!

Today I will be sharing with you daily affirmations for self-love and how they can have a positive impact on your mindset. Self-esteem is how much you appreciate and value yourself – In other words, self-esteem is feeling good about yourself. Using self-love affirmations can…

Managing Negative Thoughts – Ultimate Guide!

Managing Negative Thoughts – Ultimate Guide!

Today I will be writing about managing negative thoughts.

When you’re having negative thoughts, you know that getting your mind off of it is easier said than done.

In fact, research shows that when people are instructed not to think about a specific topic, it makes it even harder to get that topic out of their minds.

But rehashing negative thoughts over and over in your head, also known as rumination, can be unpleasant and counterproductive – and in some cases, it can even lead to chronic depression.

Luckily, there are a few techniques that can help you stop negative thinking and refocus your mind on something positive, the best though, is to distract yourself with something else, something that requires focus and best of all, is productive and helps you improve your life.

Disclaimer: I am not in any way a certified councillor/therapist, therefore all the advice given is from my own experience and should not be taken as medical advice. 



Managing Negative Thoughts – Ultimate Guide!

So here are some tips and tricks to get started.

By following these guidelines, I have gone from being a pessimist and perfectionist, to having a strong and healthy mind where I have the self-belief and confidence to try new things (like this blog), to just go for it.

And my positive mindset means that when I do have negative thoughts (because I am just human, I can’t switch them off completely).

I can redirect my thoughts without allowing them to infiltrate my emotions and ruin my good mood for the day.


Surround yourself with positive people

People who we spend most of our time with often determine our thought process.

If a colleague of yours has a habit of judging people from their dressing sense, you are bound to feel conscious about your own dressing sense when you are around them.

Similarly, when you are with someone who doesn’t have a habit of fault-finding and always manages to appreciate little things in people, you will feel good about how they make you see things in a positive light.

Energy, negative or positive, spreads fast and you don’t want to be wasting your time sitting amongst those who aren’t helping you in beating negativity.



Recognise negative thoughts and silence them

If you want to maximize your positivity, I recommend that you start to learn to silence any negative thoughts.

You need to stop them telling you that you can’t do it, that you don’t have what it takes.

Paying attention to discouraging thoughts that don’t believe in you automatically decreases your self-confidence and prevents you from acting.

Negative self-talk, it happens to all of us and it’s hard to control.


Those negative thoughts come to our mind, most of the time without us even knowing why. But that’s’ ok, don’t beat yourself up for that.

However, it’s really important that you learn how to recognise negative self-talk as soon as it occurs, in order to lessen its power.

When you’re able to identify negative thoughts, it’s then much easier not to listen to them and to replace them with neutral thoughts – or even better – with positive thoughts if you can.

When you’re able to recognise negative self-talk, you can finally ignore your inner critic!

So that’s why being self-aware of your own thoughts is so important!



Bring positivity into someone else’s life

If you get stuck in negative thoughts or victim thinking then one of the simplest ways to get out of your own head and the thoughts bouncing around in there is to focus outwards and on someone else.

By adding positivity to his or her life in some way you too can start to feel better and more optimistic again.

A few ways to add positivity to someone’s life is to:

  • Be kind: Give him a genuine compliment, hold up the door or let him into your lane while driving your car.
  • Help out: Give her some good advice that have helped you or help out with moving houses or planning and preparing for the party next weekend.
  • Just be there: Listen for a few minutes in a focused way as he vents. Or talk his difficult situation over to help him to start finding his way out of it.


When you’re in what seems like a negative situation, find what’s good

If you’ve had a setback, stumbled or failed then things might look bleak and so negative thoughts may start to crop up and threaten to fill your view of this situation.

To counteract that ask yourself better questions.

Questions that will help you to feel better but also to learn so you can grow.

Questions like:

  • What’s one good thing about this situation?
  • What’s one thing I can do differently the next time to likely have a better outcome?
  • What’s one thing I can learn from this?
  • How would my best friend support and help me in this situation?


Learn from the past

It’s never fun when we make mistakes or fail. It doesn’t feel good, and we feel bad for a while. Still, it’s no use going back to it several times after the fact.

Let’s say you made a mistake at work and your boss scolds you. It sucks at the moment.

But then it’s done and you go home. When we ruminate, we go back to the moment when we messed up and we get scolded, and relive the moment repeatedly.

This is what makes us feel even worse than the actual situation.

It’s almost like we’re punishing ourselves repeatedly for that one mistake – instead of doing that, take it as a lesson to learn from.

Think about the situation once again if you will, and think about how you can prevent that from happening again.

What actions can you take next time to make sure to do it right?

Once you’ve figured it out, take note of the action, and let go of the mistake.



Practice being grateful

Take the time each day to write down some of the things that you are most grateful for.

Whether it is sunny days, a good night spent with your family or friends, a job that you love going to, or even just the gift of life, write down some of the things that make you happy and that you are grateful for.

Practicing gratitude is one of the best things that you can do to immediately shift your perspective.

It’s why I recommend keeping a daily gratitude journal, and it’s why I do keep one.

It’s a great way to help remind you of all of life’s blessings and will help to keep them at the forefront of your mind.


Gratitude journals are a great way to bring some self-care into your daily routine and they only take about 10-15 minutes out of your day – try adding them either into your morning routine or right before bed.

Either way, they are a great way to reflect on positives in your life and remind you that no matter how you feel there are positives to be thankful for.

Plus, they are easily affordable! This one is only £7, bargain! Or, you can also just use any notebook you have and write the date and 1-5 things you are grateful for that day.



Live in and come back to this moment

When you’re tapping into negative thinking then you’re often thinking about something that happened. Or something that may happen. Or both, all jumbled up as your mood and thoughts sink.

To snap out of that put your attention fully into this moment instead. Into what’s here right now.

Start making it a habit to spend more of your time in the present moment and you’ll, in my experience, naturally have fewer negative thoughts and be more open and constructive.

A couple of ways to bring yourself back to being mindful and this moment are:

Focus only on your breathing.


Take a 1–2-minute pause right now and take a little deeper breath than you usually do. Make sure you’re breathing with your stomach and through your nose.

During this time focus only on the air going in and out and nothing else.

Take in the world around you.

Take a 1–2-minute break, get out of your head and put your attention on what’s around you right now. Nothing else.

Just focus on the people walking by outside your window, the muffled words and noises from the street, the smells around you and the sun shining in and warming your skin.



Remember to let things go

As much as you’d like to control everything that happens, truth is you can’t. This is an especially tough pill to swallow for people who like to be in control all the time.

However, we need to remember that there’s only so much that we can control. Most other things are beyond our control, and that’s just how it’s always been and always will be.

See the beauty of letting go. Once you let go, you’ll feel free of the drama.



Reminder: people don’t care that much about what you say or do

It’s easy to fall into negative thoughts when you think about what people may say or think if you do or do not do something.

And so you zap your personal power and may trap yourself in analysis paralysis.

Getting stuck in your head and in thoughts like that will drag you further away from what you want and from reality.

Because the truth is that people don’t have that much time, attention or energy to think or talk about what you do.

They have their hands and minds full with their kids, jobs, pets, hobbies and their own fears and worries (like for example what people may think of them).

This realisation and reminder can help you to set yourself free from the constraints you may create in your own mind and help you to start taking small  (or bigger steps) towards what you deep down want in your life.


Let it out and talk it over

Keeping negative thoughts that are starting to cloud your whole mind bottled up won’t help.

So let them out. Talk the situation or your thoughts over with someone close to you.

Just venting for a few minutes can often help you to see the situation in new light.

Or if not then a conversation about it where the two of you find a more useful perspective and perhaps the start of an action-plan can be both relieving and recharging.


Set boundaries around social media

Just like it’s important to protect yourself from toxic relationships by setting boundaries, they also need to be set around social media.

Many of us are using social outlets for hours every single day. This can lead to comparing ourselves to others, negative thoughts, and even anxiety.

study found that when volunteers limited their social media use to just 30 minutes per day, they had major improvements in their well-being. Some even felt less lonely and less depressed.

What does this tell us? This is proof that stepping away from our phones and not immersing ourselves in the social media world all day can actually have a very positive effect on our mood.

The result may be less negativity, and you may even find you have more time and energy to put into things that truly matter (like self-care and spending time with loved ones).


Energise your morning routine

Mornings set the tone of your day. When you feel sluggish in the morning, you can bring the same disposition all throughout the day.

Pump up your morning routine to start the day with a bang.

You don’t need to wake up as early as 4 AM as other successful people do – follow what works for you.

Planning your day in advance towards a particular goal helps create a laser focus on what needs to be done. Some routines that you should do in the morning:

  • Meditation
  • Setting your top 3 priorities for the day
  • A 20-minute exercise ((At the very least)
  • Listening to a podcast or reading a book



Start meditating

I remember when I started meditating sitting for 7 minutes was excruciatingly painful. Now I sit for 30/40 minutes and I love it.

Meditation was the doorway to so many new things for me. It taught me to be more present in my daily life. It taught me to witness or observe my thoughts and feelings instead of getting hooked by them.

It taught me to hear my own soul speak – it helped me more confident and not get wrapped up in negative thoughts.


I knew my meditation practice was making a difference with how I am in my everyday life. I once had a short fuse and temper, but now I am a more peaceful person.

It has had a massive impact on my life.

Instead of having emotional meltdowns, over certain situations, I feel complete peace. I smile joyfully and takes things in my flow.

That is the power of meditation. It naturally turns you into a calmer, confident, more peaceful person. Make it a part of your daily routine.



Practice a brain dump exercise

Brain Dumping is a form of psychological Self Care that gives you a feeling that you can free yourself of negative thoughts by writing them on a piece of paper.

Negative thoughts find a way to creep in when the mind is cluttered with all kinds of thoughts. You need to declutter your mind in order to make space for positive thoughts to set in.

Brain Dumping is one of the most useful ways to get rid of the negative thoughts and clear your mind.



Go for a short work out

I find that when I’m having trouble with thinking myself out of negativity then it often works well to change my headspace by using my body.

So I go for a 20-30 minute workout and do some yoga or cardio.

This helps me to release inner tension and worries. And it makes my mind focused and constructive once again.


Positive affirmations

Affirmations are a great way to appeal to the good side of any individual. The sad truth is, you often, by default, speak ill of yourself every day.

Positive affirmations can turn the table around. They are like the essential elements for a plant to grow. Without them, the plant will wither and die.

Create a list of at least three affirmations per day. Recite these affirmations throughout the day when it’s tough.



Managing Negative Thoughts – Final Thoughts

Many a times, negativity makes you believe that the problem lies within you. But the fact is, it’s how you allow yourself to feel that determines what your mind will eventually think.

If you feel happy and grateful about everything that you have, negativity can come nowhere near you. Get over the feelings of regret, hate, jealousy and sadness and you will find yourself feeling more alive and positive.

What are you tips for dealing with negative thoughts? I would love to hear them.

I would love to hear your thoughts on what you are doing to change your life in the coming days and years!

If you have any questions please reach out to me via I would love to hear from you!

I really hope you found inspiration in this article.






The Power of I AM – Plus 130 Powerful Affirmations!

The Power of I AM – Plus 130 Powerful Affirmations!

Today I will be talking you through the power of I AM and sharing 130 beautiful I AM affirmations. We often underestimate ourselves, especially the power of our mind.  I’m sure you’ve heard “think good thoughts and good things will happen.”  To an extent this may be…

14 Motivational Uplifting Quotes – W/C  3rd January 2022

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Daily Gratitude Affirmations – 100 Powerful Ideas!

Daily Gratitude Affirmations – 100 Powerful Ideas!

Today we will be talking through daily gratitude affirmations.

Everyone is in charge of their happiness. It is up to an individual to choose how what happens to them affects them.

Maintaining an attitude of gratitude will enable you to focus on the positive things in your life, even when everything else is going wrong.

After tapping into the positive energy, that we all have in ourselves, you will be able to amplify it and allow it to flow more easily.

In a world filled with negativity, we should all put some positive energy into our lives – and repeating gratitude affirmations is a great way to do so.

There is a direct link between the words you speak and your outcome in life. If you are tired of feeling run down, depressed, and anxious, then It’s time that you use gratitude affirmations.

These gratitude affirmations will boast your mood and you will be able to go through your day happier.



What is gratitude?

The dictionary defines gratitude as “a feeling of thankfulness and appreciation”. The word is derived from the Latin word gratia, which, depending on the context, means grace, graciousness, or gratefulness.

Gratitude is a feeling that encompasses a bunch of similar upbeat emotions.

The expression of gratitude not only recognises the source of benevolence or good gesture but also acknowledges the existence of the same in one’s own life, thus benefiting both.

Being grateful is also an affirmation of the existence of goodness in the world and our own lives. And a form of acceptance that these good happenings/things in our life came from an external source.

Through gratitude, we are acknowledging the presence of a higher power or the Universe.

Gratitude is also an instrument used for ‘paying it forward’. That is, repay the good deed received with kindness to someone else.

The feeling of gratitude passed on from person to person forms a virtuous circle, ultimately making the world a better place.


How do affirmations help?

The affirmations of gratitude are a constant reminder of the blessings and their positive influence on your life.

Repeating these statements lifts your mood and brings in contentment. When you are feeling grateful for something good that happened to you, your self-esteem gets a big boost.

When you are derailed by negative happenings in your everyday life and you find yourself straying away from happy feelings and positive thoughts, gratitude affirmations can help bring you back on track.


They help you focus on the blessings and keep your attention away from those occasional misfortunes. This is useful in avoiding self-pity and depression.

According to the concept of the law of attraction, positivity attracts more positivity.

This means, when you are feeling optimistic and happy, more good things will come to you.


What are morning gratitude affirmations?

Morning affirmations are positive statements of gratitude you say to yourself at the start of the day. It is ideal to say/listen to them daily when you are in a relaxed state of mind after you wake up in the morning.

You can play an audio or video and repeat them yourself. Or you can make posters and stick them where you can see them. Or just express gratitude in writing or say them aloud or in mind. It is entirely up to you to decide how you want to use them.

Choose affirmations of appreciation from all spheres of your life and make sure they include your thoughts and actions. You can compile the list from already existing affirmations or write them yourself.

One important point to remember is to involve your feelings in the process. Feel gratitude, happiness, joy, and appreciation from the bottom of your heart. Feel proud of your achievements and congratulate yourself for leading a meaningful life.

Top tip:

This is an excellent introduction to a daily gratitude practice:



How to express gratitude to the Universe?

The air we breathe, the food we eat, the ground we walk on – we have a long list of blessings to thank the Universe for. And this includes our very existence.

Most often we take for granted when things are going right in our life. That is nothing to feel guilty about. It is only natural. However, now and then we need to pause for a moment and reflect on our blessings and express our gratitude.

Every day, in our normal course of life, we say thanks to people around us for doing us favours. But how to thank the invisible Universe that has done so much for us; more than anyone else?

Gratitude affirmations are designed to do this job wonderfully. When we are repeating these affirmations, we realise the existence of all those great things in our lives.

And this fills our hearts with contentment. This feeling of contentment leads to positive thoughts, which in turn forms the fertile base for our dreams to grow and bear fruit.

Here are 100 affirmations that you can say each day that will put you on the path of gratitude.


Daily Gratitude Affirmations – 100 Powerful Ideas!

  • I am grateful for my past and how it prepares me to be my best self
  • I am grateful for my future as I know anything is possible
  • I am grateful for my present because each day is a gift and filled with many wonderful things
  • I am grateful for my health and how beautiful my life is
  • I am grateful for the love I have in my life and for my life
  • I am grateful for the people who fill my life with so many great experiences
  • I am grateful for my family and the beauty the bring to my world
  • I am grateful for my friends and the memories we share
  • I am grateful for the people in my world and the lessons learned with each one
  • I am grateful for my life. For the wonderful life I can experience
  • I am grateful for the many positive things in my life
  • I am grateful for the joy that is in each and every day
  • I am grateful for the beauty that surrounds me
  • I am grateful for the gift of each new day and the opportunities it brings
  • I am grateful for the air I breathe and the gorgeous nature that I can gaze on anytime
  • I am grateful for sunshine
  • I am grateful for the many little blessings that fill each day
  • I am grateful for the music that is at my fingertips
  • I am grateful for the smiles, hugs and kisses that brighten my day
  • I am grateful for family traditions
  • I am grateful for the moment to escape into a good book or movie
  • I am grateful for my home and the safety and security it provides
  • I am grateful for gentle breezes
  • I am grateful for the warmth of the sun on my skin
  • I am grateful for time to reflect
  • I am grateful for the kindness of strangers
  • I am grateful for the comfort of my bed
  • I am grateful for long showers or baths
  • I am grateful for the ability to learn
  • I am grateful for comfortable pyjamas
  • I am grateful for laughter
  • I am grateful for my favourite treats
  • I am grateful for the gorgeous moon and bright stars
  • I am grateful for each sunrise and sunset
  • I am grateful for beautiful flowers
  • I am grateful for the songs the birds sing
  • I am grateful for the beautiful butterflies
  • I am grateful for all of the sounds of nature
  • I am grateful for the babbling brook and ocean waves
  • I am grateful for the leaves blowing in the wind
  • I am grateful for the relaxing gentle sounds of rain
  • I am grateful for me time, to reflect, grow and express gratitude
  • I am grateful for the seasons of life
  • I am grateful for each victory
  • I am grateful for lessons learned in each hardship
  • I am grateful for second chances
  • I am grateful for the possibilities of each day
  • I am grateful for random adventures
  • I am grateful for promises kept
  • I am grateful for my job
  • I am grateful this season in my life
  • I am grateful for my community
  • I am grateful for my body, mind and heart
  • I am grateful for the challenges I’ve overcome. They remind me of my strength
  • I am grateful for the daily things that make my life easier
  • I am grateful for the appliances that I have access to
  • I am grateful for the food I have
  • I am grateful for having exactly what I need and many of my wants
  • I am grateful for the photos that remind me of my amazing life
  • I am grateful for the teachers who helped to mould me into who I am today
  • I am grateful for my core values that define me
  • I am grateful for technology that allows me to experience so many amazing things
  • I am grateful for the generosity of others
  • I am grateful for the talents I possess
  • I am grateful for the people in my world who make me laugh and fill my life with love and kindness
  • I am grateful for those that display courage when their heart is full of fear
  • I am grateful for those that get up again after the world has knocked them down over and over, they give me hope
  • I am grateful for the compassion that lives in my heart as well as the compassionate souls around me
  • I am grateful for the abundance that fills my world
  • I am grateful for limitless opportunities each day brings
  • I am grateful for the peaceful moments in my life
  • I am grateful for those that motivate me to be my best self
  • I am grateful for the success I have experienced
  • I am grateful for the wise words that are shared with me
  • I am grateful for hope
  • I am grateful for the many acts of kindness I have witnessed as well as participated in
  • I am grateful for my accomplishments
  • I am grateful for those that show sincere appreciation
  • I am grateful for the ability to rest when needed
  • I am grateful for choices and clarity when making those choices
  • I am grateful for the deliciousness that I get to partake of each day
  • I am grateful that dreams can become reality
  • I am grateful for peace of mind in the midst of uncertainty
  • I am grateful for those that encourage others without being prompted
  • I am grateful for the access I have to all of my favourite things
  • I am grateful for forgiveness
  • I am grateful for those that go the extra mile
  • I am grateful to be able to go the extra mile for others
  • I am grateful for the ability to make a difference
  • I am grateful for meaningful conversations
  • I am grateful for time to meditate and reflect
  • I am grateful for the ability to overcome
  • I am grateful for simple pleasures
  • I am grateful for quietness
  • I am grateful for simplicity
  • I am grateful for smiles
  • I am grateful for nights of deep, peaceful sleep
  • I am grateful for my past, present and future
  • I am grateful for right here, right now
  • I am grateful for the sunrise and sunset that blesses us every morning and night


Daily gratitude affirmations – Final thought

Gratitude affirmations help us to manifest our desires, making us feel more grateful. The more grateful you are, the more you get and the more you get, the more grateful you are.

This forms a beautiful virtuous circle of events. When you are more appreciative of the finer things in your life, you become more thankful for life as a whole.

Gratitude helps you see the positive side of everything you come across. Affirmations can help you develop a habit of gratitude.

I would love to hear your thoughts on what you are doing to change your life in the coming days and years!

If you have any questions please leave a comment below or reach out to me via I would love to hear from you!

I really hope you found inspiration in this article.






100 Heart Chakra Affirmations!

100 Heart Chakra Affirmations!

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