100 Healing Throat Chakra Affirmations

100 Healing Throat Chakra Affirmations

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Today I will be sharing with you 100 healing Throat Chakra affirmations.

The fifth from seven Chakra’s, the Throat Chakra is dedicated to topics involving communication and expression.

When the energy centre is unbalanced, it can lead to issues in the way we speak or are perceived in the world.

One way we may improve these problems is through affirmations.

In this guide, we’ll cover what the Throat Chakra is, whether affirmations work and 100 phrases you can use to improve communication.

Firstly, let’s explain a little bit more about the Throat Chakra.




The Throat Chakra, which is also known as Vishuddha, is our fifth energy hub among the 7 primary chakras in our body.

It is located at the centre of our throat and the colour of this energy hub is blue.

It is element of ether, which is the space in between space.

Located at the centre of our throat, the throat chakra is the gateway to discovering and expressing our highest truth to the universe.

Physically, this chakra controls our neck, jaw, mouth, and face.

On a deeper level, the throat chakra controls everything that has to do with personal expression.


It controls how well we express our personal truth, communicate with others, and handle conflict.

A balanced throat chakra speaks our personal message with compassion and assertion.

It is unafraid of communicating boundaries or expressing an opinion.

When in balance, the Vishuddha Chakra allows you to have a more productive conversation, as well as tune in and listen to the guidance of your intuition.

The Vishuddha Chakra also gives you the opportunity to truly find your inner truth and to communicate and live your truth in daily life.

A balanced and aligned Vishuddha chakra allows you to be honest with yourself and easily communicate with others (I will cover this in detail further on).



The Vishuddha Chakra is located at the throat, and it is associated and closely connected with the thyroid gland.

You might be familiar with the fact that the thyroid gland affects mental and physical development and regulates metabolism.



As the name itself says, the throat chakra (which, as mentioned earlier, is also called the Visuddha) rules your innate ability to express yourself clearly and openly, without any issues.

The Visuddha Chakra is the life-force of your communication, which means that the throat chakra has an impact on many aspects of your life, both big and small.

Visuddha Chakra directly affects your relationships with yourself and others and your emotional stability.

The throat chakra also determines how well you handle conflict, whether you are living an authentic life, and whether you are aware of your own deep needs, and how to fulfil them.

The energy of the Vishuddha Chakra is going to provide awareness of your personal power.


When aligned, Vishuddha Chakra provides the knowledge that no one outside of yourself has power over the choices you make and your own wellbeing.

An important thing to note is that often you don’t have a moment in your day that is quiet.

The mind is racing and you have a million things on your to-do list.

This is why you often don’t hear your intuition and that inner guidance.

Some other key characteristics are below:

  • Sanskrit name: Vishuddha
  • Colour: Blue
  • Seed mantra: Ham
  • Location: Throat
  • Element: Space
  • Function: Ability of communication, expression
  • Associated gemstones: Blue lace agate, Lapis Lazuli, Aquamarine, Turquoise.



An open and balanced blue chakra leads to increased creativity and the ability to speak eloquently and communicate effectively.

The importance of effective communication is a determinant of all long-lasting relationships.

Also, the Vishuddha guides some of the most important feelings and factors needed to live a fulfilled life.

The imbalance of the throat chakra could lead to physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual problems.

However, the effects that an open and balanced blue chakra has on the body include:

  • A resonant voice
  • Healthy thyroid gland
  • Clear communication
  • Listening ability
  • Good oral health
  • Sensitivity to other people’s feelings
  • Intuition
  • A sense of purity
  • Living in truth
  • Increased creativity



An underactive or blocked Vishuddha harms the body’s physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

A blocked Vishuddha leads to excessive shyness and the inability to communicate or express one’s self adequately.

This, in turn, may lead to the feeling of being misunderstood, loneliness, restlessness, anxiety, and depression.

Also, a blocked Vishuddha could arise from digestive problems like ulcers and eating disorders.

Symptoms of an underactive throat chakra include:

  • Extreme shyness
  • Restlessness
  • Anxiety
  • An introverted nature
  • Hearing loss
  • hypothyroidism
  • Depression
  • Frustration
  • Lack of energy
  • Worry
  • Fear of speaking
  • Lack of creativity
  • Insecurity
  • Detachment


100 Healing Throat Chakra Affirmations

Affirmations are positive statements to help boost your morale.

Since you are psychologically impacted by a throat chakra blockage, the first step would be to repair the harm it has caused to you emotionally.

Affirmations can help heal your throat chakra.


How can affirmations help?

Repeating positive affirmations can get you out of the vicious cycle of depression and negative energy.

They work behind the scenes to shift your mindset from negative to positive.

Armed with an optimistic approach, there is nothing you cannot achieve.

Realigning your approach to positive, you will be more ready and willing to try other techniques to repair the harmful effects of a blocked throat chakra.


How to use affirmations for chakra healing?

Affirmations work the best when your mind is calm and receptive to suggestions.

Typically, during the day, you are the calmest when you get up in the morning and just before you fall asleep.

The rest of the time, your mind will be preoccupied with a procession of thoughts parading in the mind one after the other.

Of the two, mornings are always the better choice.

After a full night’s rest and before the onslaught of what the day brings, your mind will be more ready to accept suggestions.


So, filling your mind with positive thoughts is more impactful early in the day than at any other time.

Setting aside 10-15 minutes for the activity is essential.

You need to be undisturbed and uninterrupted during this exercise.

You may repeat the affirmations aloud or in mind.

You may also write them down.


100 Throat Chakra affirmations

  1. I am honest.
  2. I am the truth.
  3. I speak the truth.
  4. I listen to the truth.
  5. I trust others.
  6. I speak with honesty, I live an honest life, I am honest.
  7. I express myself with clear intent.
  8. My voice and opinions are important.
  9. My voice is heard loud and clear.
  10. What I have to say is significant and valuable
  11. I express my thoughts with clarity.
  12. I love to share my thoughts with others. And I know when to listen to others.
  13. I pay attention to my mind and body to understand my truth.
  14. I am grateful to others who allow me to express myself truthfully.
  15. I reveal my honour and love when I speak.
  16. My creative abilities are flowing unhindered.
  17. Honesty will deliver me from my present predicament.
  18. I speak my truth without fear or doubt.
  19. I am solely responsible for the task of expressing myself with honesty.
  20. My honest approach brings me what I deserve.
  21. I communicate with ease and confidence.
  22. I feel comfortable being honest and speaking my mind.
  23. I am good at listening as well as speaking.
  24. I know that it is important to listen to what others have to say.
  25. I am an active and enthusiastic listener.
  26. I know how to set clear boundaries.
  27. I express my true feelings in an unambiguous way.
  28. I do not fear to speak my mind.
  29. My intentions are always noble and clear.
  30. My voice is powerful, clear, and loud enough for others to hear.
  31. I refuse to engage in gossip and slander.
  32. I don’t engage in destructive or unconstructive criticism.
  33. I am grounded in truth and reality.
  34. I am aware of my thoughts and true feelings.
  35. I get in touch with my higher self for support and guidance.
  36. I am open to guidance from the Universe.
  37. I am an honest and peaceful person.
  38. I am brimming with creative thoughts.
  39. I know how to listen without interrupting others.
  40. I have confidence in myself.
  41.  My mind is sharp and focused.
  42. I attempt and do everything with dedication and conviction.
  43. I walk the talk.
  44. My speech and actions do not contradict each other.
  45. I live an authentic life.
  46. What I have to say matters.
  47. I lead an honest and earnest life.
  48. I can speak my truth with calm and equanimity.
  49. My words are important and powerful.
  50. I speak with clarity and honesty.
  51. I speak with love, courage, and compassion.
  52. I am an excellent and effective speaker.
  53. I discover creative ways for self-expression.
  54. Others listen to what I say.
  55. My inputs add value to conversations.
  56. My opinions and insights are always appreciated.
  57. People always welcome and value my viewpoints.
  58. I feel empowered to speak honestly.
  59. I embrace silence to access my inner self.
  60. I offer others my undivided attention when they want to say something.
  61. I listen and value what others say,
  62. I stick to my truth when I communicate.
  63. I stay true to myself in my speech and actions.
  64. I prefer reliability and trustworthiness over excellence and perfection.
  65. I have the courage and conviction to reveal my true self.
  66. I feel safe sharing my thoughts and beliefs with others.
  67. I have the courage to throw away the mask of dishonesty and deception.
  68. I feel courageous to reveal my true feelings.
  69. I liberate myself from the obligation to be perfect.
  70. I consider my imperfections beautiful and truthful.
  71. I choose to be honest even if it places me in a vulnerable position.
  72. I feel safe to speak freely and truthfully.
  73. My words come from a place of love and truth.
  74. I lead the way for others to follow with my honesty.
  75. I feel calm and serene.
  76. I am proud of my ability to stay calm in all situations.
  77. I choose to be gentle and patient with others.
  78. My guiding principles in life are integrity, honesty, and genuineness.
  79. I always stay true to my core beliefs.
  80. When I speak, I share my wisdom and experience with honesty.
  81. The whole world is listening to what I say intently.
  82. I speak for myself with courage.
  83. I do not hide or back away from the truth.
  84. I express my gratitude to lead an honest life.
  85. I feel safe and secure to reveal and declare my needs.
  86. I am truthful about who I am.
  87. I am filled with the power of courage and truth.
  88. I feel safe and confident to say no.
  89. I love to use my voice to speak my truth.
  90. I choose my words with care to avoid miscommunication.
  91. I accept and respect my feelings.
  92. I pause and think before offering my suggestions.
  93. I am a bold and expressive person.
  94. I will speak up whenever I feel the need to.
  95. I am a positive influence on others.
  96. I always communicate clearly and openly.
  97. I am proud of my integrity and reality.
  98. My thoughts are always positive and motivating.
  99. My ability to focus is improving constantly.
  100. I can express myself without confusion or ambiguity.


100 healing Throat Chakra affirmations – Final thoughts

The throat chakra relates to our ability to communicate, speak honestly, and express ourselves.

Affirmations offer the best solution to open up a throat chakra clogged with negative energy and bogged down with a negative mindset.

Easy and simple to practice, affirmations may not be as impressive as meditation or yoga.

But those who have tried it swear by it.

A point to note here is this has to be done with conviction.

You need to believe that repeating affirmations can bring relief to your blocked throat chakra.

After all, what is there to lose? Try it and see for yourself.

What are you doing to live a better life?

I would love to hear your thoughts on what you are doing to change your life in the coming days and years!

If you have any questions please reach out to me via adam@adam-lawrence.org. I would love to hear from you!

I really hope you found inspiration in this article.






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